Arenas Are Good Stage for PVP

It has been often said that Replay ability of the battlegrounds is one of the most valuable contents the game of World of Warcraft has to offer. It is encouraging to see Blizzard has given more attention to battleground development in Cataclysm which will certainly make the game more robust. There is some impatience and even boredom among the playing community resulting from the long-waiting of the next version of the game. Regardless of how cool Ruby Sanctum is, it will not be appreciated much since Cataclysm has much more attractions. Among the main attractions is the new bad guy.

Currently, it is still a little early to predict what will appear in the next version. Battlegrounds have always been great representation of the ongoing battle between the Alliance and Horde. Generally it can also give Blizzard the most bangs for their development buck. Arenas are the best place to show PvP skill but have terrible replay ability. No one plays unrated arena matches for fun. Teams which play unrated matches do so in preparation for rated games.

Between arena seasons, few people would come here and battleground queues are healthy. Do not be surprised if Blizzard disabled arenas between seasons. A great number of teams play the minimum matches demanded to qualify for arena points and ratings every week, for the reason that unless you are a hardcore PvP player, arenas are a chore. The main reason why so few people play them is that item rewards require ratings. Arenas can bring a lot of fun for death match aficionados with a small population in a fantasy MMO.

wow4 Arenas Are Good Stage for PVP

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