Three Laws of FD and Aggro

There is no tool in the hunter arsenal that is more misused than FD. Nor does it contribute as much to hunters not good at playing. FD permits bad hunters to be against the laws of natural selection, gets rid of the negative reinforcement and then prevents them from learning from past lessons. Where other classes probably do something foolish and die of it, the hunter does something stupid. Hunters should be asked to join a test and obtain a license prior to be given the FD button. Following are the Three Laws of FD and Aggro:

Firstly, a hunter should not pull aggro or allow aggro to be pulled. There is a problem with FD, that is, the way it is used when soloing is different from it is used in groups. Most hunters view FD as a way to drop aggro. However, perhaps this is a correct point. FD is a way to drop threat which should be used prior to pull aggro. When aggro is pulled off the tank, you would fail as a DPSer. A tank’s ability to produce threat is restricted, from his gear to his rage, mana or runic gumdrops to the limits of his IQ. However, you usually have the ability to do less threat.

Secondly, a hunter must follow the wishes of the tank. The exception is when such orders do not get along with the First Law. The dirty truth is that the tank is the leader of the five men. He is clear about how much he can tank, what is the first target and what he can hold aggro on. If he tells not to attack for five seconds, you just do as you are told.

Thirdly, a hunter has to protect his own safety, only if the protection would not conflict with the First or Second Law. If things cannot go well and you screw up and pull aggro, you can move forward and FD out of it.