Backbone of the Alliance

The wow is changing forever. There are countless bosses waiting for you and huge amount of cool items for you to get. During the past a couple of weeks the political situation of the Alliance races has been discussed by us: night elves, gnomes, dwarves and draenei. There is only one race needing extra attention. Although it just lasted for a limited amount of time, it easily got the largest amount of conflict of any of the Alliance races in wow. Without it, the Alliance could not exist in the first place. Now let us cover the backbone of the Alliance, the human race — and there is a lot of ground to cover.

WLK included several reveals about the history of the Alliance races, among which the most surprising one was a neat and tidy explanation for the existence of the humans of Azeroth. Although other races have either existed since the dawn of Azeroth or were created by the titans, the humans have a unique explanation for their presence that was simply explained in a quest line in Howling Fjord. The finding of the vrykul in Howling Fjord resulted in further investigation into the species’ origins, and with the help of those origins, the reason for humanity could be inadvertently found.

wow12 Backbone of the Alliance

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The peaceful situation would be intervened by the threat of troll invaders though. After a large number of years, the quel’dorei who had neglected the humans firstly finally approached them to request their help. It was revealed that it had been heavily hit by the trolls than the humans, and they have to send people to seek help from outside. They promised to teach 100 humans the art of magic to get the help. The leader of Strom agreed to do like this when realizing that the knowledge, though dangerous, can be really useful for the upcoming fights.