Guide about Weapon Speeds

The topic of weapon speeds is really worth having a close look. For those who have experience of playing with a hunter, they must know much about hunter weapon. Most of them hope that Blizzard will allow them to use maces and wands in the near future. Pole arms, swords and even daggers would fall prey to their instant need rolls. It is no good allowing them to equip their pets with some special gear, or else there will fall into massive weapon shortage. However there is just a very narrow selection of weapon requirements for Rogues.

Usually, weapon speed can trump nearly any other stat weight, thanks to specific mechanics which favor a certain kind of sword or dagger. While Cataclysm has promised to roll all weapon types into a single, balanced specialization, players are presently forced to pick their instruments of destruction with a lot of caution.

wow9 Guide about Weapon Speeds

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Formerly, it was a rule of thumb that being slower is better in rogue weapon selection. While there are already several changes to rogue mechanics in the years since Molten Core, the most marked changes to rogue mechanics are the recent poison updates. Most of the percentage-chance poisons have been moved to a PPM mechanic, changing the way players look at weapon speeds. Formerly there was a problem with the design of Deadly Poison. It was not until recently that Blizzard began to realize it and react. The new implement may change the way you think about weapons.