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Have you ever thought of becoming a sultan of swing healing or a champion of Chain Heal? Before, strategies about Icecrown Citadel and various boss encounters were discussed. What is more, possible upcoming talent changes which have been discovered through a small leak and various macros, addons, even some new potential swag from the Ruby Sanctum has been closely looked at. Apart from the above mentions things, there are still a bundle of changes coming which are worth being taken a look at. Among them is rated battlegrounds. Upon its first announcement, a great many people became quite excited about it. Back when the arena format was released, many simply did not care about it.

Those people either did not have enough time to commit to being competitive in arenas or simply were not interested in the format. There were also a lot of people who like PvP and prefer battlegrounds. However, to get good PvP gear, they should have an arena rating. The rated battle ground can help narrow the gap and offer a way for those who would prefer to work in the larger battles found in battlegrounds, so that they can work towards that high-end PvP gear. This was for the healing shaman looking to get ready for rated battlegrounds and wondering what we need to offer except for healing.

The strength of a restoration shaman was its multi-functions in combat. They are able to heal and deal some damage when still offering buffs and various support and survivability. For that purpose, the class of shaman has a quite versatile tool set to use in battlegrounds from spells and talents. There are a wide variety of various totems we have at our disposal. At the same time it is worthwhile to have a look at what will be offered apart from plethora of healing spells.

wow6 Guides about Rated Battlegrounds

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