Information about Addons in Wow

The user interface of the WoW game is very important for the play experience. There are many differences from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and so on, your addons folder would never be the same. With the imminent demise of AVR and AVR Encounters, the wow community was split into two parts. The outstanding issue which resulted in the destruction of AVR and its ilk may be the simple fact the game may be drawn on and modified without Blizzard’s agree, which probably leads to some of the most hilarious comedy and the saddest, depressing tragedies. Nobody would like to see such kind of thing. When you did not notice from the stellar introduction, you cannot say you would love HudMap. As to shaman, it can be viewed as an invaluable totem range-finder at the lowest level.

You may question what HudMap does. It can create a heads-up display of player location and, during encounters, range data on debuff ranges, area of effect ability ranges and role indicators. Actually this is much easier said than shown. Antiarc has offered potential users many videos showing what the addon can do. The addon can be looked as a transparent layer added to the top of your screen, just like a top-down view of the battlefield or boss encounter.

The maker in the center and other raid members shown on the screen may give clue of their position and distance from you. HudMap is usually a big help to addon developers since its right beginning. Complete your part when you find anything wrong with the addon. With the appropriate set-up and modules loaded onto Grid, you do not need to use a heavy raid frame replacement like Vuhdo for healing. As to tank and DPS, all you need is a light threat meter and then you would be ready to go.