Make Cooldown Management Easy

No matter what your shaman’s spec is, you should get the questions ready for the Totem Recall shaman roundtable on July 13. If you present questions about shaman from around Azeroth, you may get them answered by the top. It can be very useful for your game play if you can maximize their cooldown usage. Now we are going to use the 25% buff and power-clear the rest of instance. Regular and Heroic battle can start in the best way if you made a good preparation beforehand. The key point is to get as much damage on target as possible. Finally, things will be hectic and too much damage would be lost since many people are running around or dead.

You are able to pre-pot here in order to have another Potion of Speed which can be used later in combat. An early Hero is able to make cooldown management easy, bringing a new possible opportunity. Bloodlust depends on the amount of time that the fight may take in the group. When starting the fight, players can use BL around five seconds and the healers can help deal with the raid-wide damage. However, when you are tearing through this on regular, a Hero may be your best use. Do not time the fire elemental with a late Hero, otherwise he cannot get used. You just need to bring him out early and let him have extra fun. Heroic can surely save BL for late in the fight prior to second Pungent Blight.

Nevertheless, you had better pop wolves and elf early on just to get them out, thus wolves can be available in time for BL. Use cooldowns when they become available, yet keeping an eye out for that Pungent Blight cooldown, since you want to save Shammy Rage for it. There are a couple of reasons to do this. One is to take less damage and help your healers. The other one is to time with Bloodlust. Your wolves can prepare for the second BL. On the other hand, if they do not do this, it is more significant to get the lust out than leave it for the wolves.