Raiding Has Always Changed

Successful raiding is very important for every serious raider. Hardcore or casual, all the players want to take effective actions to down some bosses. Raiding has changed all the time since the releasing of wow has been on the shelves. It is hard to imagine playing a game that just remained the same from the right beginning. Today, people rarely keep a real job that long. The reason why Blizzard can keep so many players engaged and constantly playing WoW lies in the fact that they hit on some single magic formula. On the contrary, they first found a pretty good formula and then made it better. Next kept it changing and improving for more than 5 years. The game continuously changes alongside its player base.

Certainly, the argument you can often hear is whether or not wow has somehow been “dumbed down.” Epics became much better than before. The entry requirement into raiding was not strictly restricted. For this reason, game has become somehow cheaper and too easy for your average raider. In some people’s opinion, basically, the biggest difference in raiding from the beginning of WoW is the meta game. There are so other great resources for raiders to tap to up their game. For example there is obvious growth of the community.

wow11 Raiding Has Always Changed

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Mods are case in point how the game became more advanced, such as CT Mod, which was pretty awesome. Raid frames were closely related with some focus commands. CT Mod was sometimes quite useful as it let you coordinate between your main tank, main healers, DPS and the infinite string of off tanks. There were some other mod but they were not as good as the one just mentioned.