Obtain a Suitable Weapon

When you assess the functions of a weapon, usually you will think of its speed. For those experienced hunters, they are very clear what kind of weapon is of importance to them. They are looking forward to being allowed to use maces and wands. There are three kinds of weapons that will be listed as the priorities. However, it is no use arming their pets with particular gears. Otherwise there will appear a problem of weapon shortage. Nevertheless there would be just a very narrow selection of weapon needs for Rogues.

Most often, arms speed is able to trump nearly any other stat weight, which is because some mechanics favor sword or dagger. While Cataclysm will bring some new changes including weapon types being made a single, balanced specialization.  Players will have a wide variety of choice when arming themselves. On this aspect, you can see new things in the wow Cataclysm. It is expected that if the bata is coming along smoothly, players in most servers are able to begin their adventure on the upgraded land of Azeroth.

According to the past experience, you do not need to worry too much about the weapon selection for rogues, especially when rogue mechanics will have some changes at their new locations. Most of the percentage-chance poisons were moved to a PPM mechanic, bringing a change to the weapon speeds. In the past, this can cause some problems, but not now. One thing you should keep in mind is that not every weapon will be suited to you. So, you should not make a decision based on if that weapon is the most powerful or not. What you should try to get is something that is most suitable for you.