Pick New Talent Specialization

Maybe all of the things that appeared in the beta are just nothing compared with dramatic changes, which will be half the amount of talent points which you have to cost. But a level eighty character at the moment has seventy-one points to spend, under the new version you are going to obtain forty-one points at level eighty-five. Moreover, at level ten, you are going to be asked to pick a talent specialization and cannot spend talent points out of that specialization until you have spent thirty-one points in that tree.

Taking into account that you are going to get merely forty-one points to spend altogether, meaning that there will be very little talent overlap between, for example, an arms and a fury warrior and as such, much less risk of an arms warrior trying to cherry-pick fury for DPS talents. Similarly, tanking warriors are not going to improve arms to pick up Impale, and you need to be at level seventy-two prior to getting to spend points outside your main tree.

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There are some useful methods to use when you make a choice of talents. Many abilities that are presently class- or spec-defining talent choices are going to relate the talent tree you have to specialize in, and passive abilities that currently exist as talents will simply be applied by making the choice between talent trees for your specialization. There are also big changes of how mastery works and what benefits you get from specializing in a talent tree. With the new version, you are not going to see any bizarre talent specializations as there is no more room. You are going to have level locked into one tree and cannot see another until the end of the leveling process.