Secrets about Cataclysm Beta

There is some new information about the beta of the latest version of wow. Players are excited about all the new changes. The Cataclysm beta has been coming along very well so far, with news coming in from various sources. If you still did not hear the new things, we have something to share with you. Once again, some people will get invited to take part in the new round of the beta and it will be going out soon. Numerous people ask how our current gear will hold up compared to quest rewards and drops we are going to see early on in Cataclysm.

Frankly, there will be things that are quite different from that we are used to seeing. In the first place, we have to keep in mind that the level gap is only 5 levels this time around. Compare that to the other two expansions, which witnessed ten levels of growth, and you should realize that mob drops and quest rewards will be a lot closer to the items we are ending the expansion with. Have a look at Crepuscular Shield and then compare that to Bulwark of Smouldering Steel.

The distance between the stats is too far-away. Remember that INT will be giving us not only our mana pool, but will also be the stat that drives our spell power. Besides, remember that spirit is going to take the place of MP five on gear for us. The rest of our mail gear so far is likely to be right in line with this too. In several cases, there are green items that have borderline challenged certain amount of epics. The bottom line will hit the raids and instances hard to get the wonderful items.