Tips about Joining Guild

There are some guides that have been taken over by shadow priest. Icecrown Citadel can be accessible now, which is really a piece of good news. However, there is also bad news for established raiding groups. Some players who had been acted as main members of the groups are likely to start losing interest in raiding. From another angle, this is not that bad. There are still some people interested in becoming King slayers themselves. Present is a good time to try to join a raid group, even though you do not think you are good enough to join one.

Although there are plenty of chances, any raid group worth joining will have some similar standards. You are unable to just walk in off the street simply because you’re a shadow priest and they want to get one. You should show your ability so that you can be welcomed by other members in the group. It is very important to learn what raid teams are looking for. Equally important is to understand how to best present your uniqueness. You can learn those useful strategies by reading those popular forums, where you can find many awesome hypothetical raiding guilds. They are famous for their excellent performance.

Doing some research on other teams can be greatly helpful with your own game playing. Since there is a lot of competition out there, you should make yourself and your team as powerful as possible. Here are some tips about joining a guild. At first you should introduce yourself. You should tell others your experience as well as your opinion of how to succeed in those raids.