Use Machine to Fight

Priest contains the meaning of “elder”, stemming from Greek. When someone is not Greek or an elder, there is approximately three hundred days that can be used to play between all kinds of priests. Learning something from spiritual Guidance is necessary. Long, long ago there was a machine which was an ancient treasure, made by the titans and found by a young priestess under the earth. It was so powerful and could answer any questions, even the ultimate ones. Once, while traversing the icy northern valleys of the Storm Peaks, the priestess crossed paths with a leopard, a beautiful animal.

The priestess dealt with the beast with caution and did not want to irritate him. Nevertheless, this turned to be useless at all. The animal became angry with hunger, and it attacked the priestess who called up a protective shield as the leopard came at her. At that moment, she seemed to have no other choice but to have combat. In order to get some protection, she started reciting the words to a holy prayer aloud. Unluckily, before she could finish her prayer, the beast broke her barrier and tackled her to the ground.

In a great fear, she thought about the machine tucked carefully in her satchel. The sound of metal crunching and contorting split through the sounds of the leopard’s growls. There appeared some strange sounds. Whatever it was, the priestess screeched in anger, frightening the animal off of her as she called forth the shadows. The priestess ran towards Mimiron, in the hope of getting the machine repaired. However to her disappointment, the machine was beyond repair. At the beginning if you could not fully understand the story, you did not need to get frustrated. We would like to tell you more about this later.