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It is very common for an attack made to miss its target by certain amount of chance. The chance has little to do with the level. It can be seen as a check against the attack or defense skill of player or mob. Since mobs naturally have skills and cap will be automatically raised, you will more possibly miss targets with higher level than you.

There are four factors that can influence your base chance of missing a target, which is related with the target and your weapon style. When the difference is equal to or less than ten, the base chance will be:

1 Two-handed/single weapon – five percent + (Defense Skill – Weapon Skill) * 0.1 percent

2 Dual-wielding – twenty four percent + (Defense Skill – Weapon Skill) *0.1 percent

On the other hand, when the difference is higher than 10, then the base chance will be:

1 Two-handed/single weapon – six percent + (Defense Skill – Weapon Skill) * 0.4 percent

2 Dual-wielding – twenty five percent + (Defense Skill – Weapon Skill) * 0.4 percent

Based on the above formula, you can conclude following results for a level eighty character with four hundred weapon skill:

The precise chance which a boss has to dodge, parry or block of any given attack is still not exactly known, and the values may vary considerably between different mobs.

Most mobs have a fourteen percent chance to parry attacks and 6.5 percent chance to dodge or block attacks. Expertise Rating, not Hit Rating can be used to reduce a target’s chance to parry or dodge attacks. Please note that Hit Rating do not affect a target’s ability to dodge, block or parry attacks. Using a model of 10 + Defense Skill – Weapon Skill, a player would have a twenty five percent chance to land a glancing blow against a raid boss.