Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

There are some new findings about the Cataclysm alpha client files, like new UI elements, factions, and titles. However, if you do some work of math, you will definitely find more. There are some changes of how each talent point cost in a tree will support three mastery bonuses of your spec. Following is an introduction about the above information: each talent point can bring three individual bonuses which can benefit your class, scaling up when you get more points. At the beginning they will be spell power or melee haste, both being basic bonuses. The third one will give a chance for your healing spells to splash to nearby targets.

For instance, a single point cost in your shaman’s elemental tree is going to give the following effects: Spell Damage + 0.157%, Spell Crit + 0.157%, Chance to proc Elemental Overload + 0.5%.

If you have capped out your tree’s mastery points at fifty one, the numbers would be much better, the figures possibly being the following: Spell Damage + 8%, Spell Crit + 8%, Chance to proc Elemental Overload + 25%. However, there will be more. The mastery stat, which you are going to find on gear in the new seventy Cataclysm zones, is going to also augment your third bonus further. Please note that the expansion is still being tested and the above data are probably not final result.