Daily Archives: May 16, 2010

If you want to perform better with others in your team, following suggestions may be worth a read. In the first place, do not give up your own fantastic story simply because you do not have a good role play. What you need is some more effort. Instead of playing your uniqueness as part of the regular day to day RP in your team, invite your RP mates to go along you in events to play out your story. By doing so, you can get their permission to share your story with them. And at the same time you can bring them extra fun, rather than interfering with their enjoyment.

In the second place, ask one of your friends to join RP with you. Keep expanding your story. If you can finally fit in due to a life changing event coming up in your story, then just skip ahead to that point. Record what happened and post it so that your teammates can share it.

Thirdly, instead of RP your special creation with your friends, do whatever works for your story. The more role play, the more fun you can get. For instance, if your particular character is an amnesiac, play his doctor or therapist. Make the doctor a part of team and to be responsible for constant care of the patient. You can continue to tell your story. However your teammates do not need to explain every detail and take time out from their stories to do it.

Equally important is to create your own separate troupe. If your story will take some time to play out, with a nice pay-off at the end, organize a team to do it. If you sell this within a limited period of time, you can probably attract a small group of people who need extra challenge. You can even establish a chat channel so that people do not need to leave their team to create a new character to join.