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Take the Light as his strength, Gregg Reece face the demons of the Burning Legion, the undead of the Scourge, and soon a fierce battle with black dragons. Some people would lose interest in their own characters and either began playing less or trying to get a new one. There are some seeking useful guides about this. Take the following as an example. The first aim of gearing for tanking at eighty is to reach heroic dungeons, which leads to a constant balance at lower gear levels.

If you want to change enchants or trinkets so as to go back to the magic number. The magic number for heroic dungeons is five hundred thirty five defense skills. Just from being level eighty gives you four hundred defense skills so it is very likely that you cannot do this on gear alone initially. Thus you must want to grab both gems and enchants to level yourself up. However, You would still be able to run normal level eighty dungeons with a defense rating lower than that, which would also offer the opportunity to get some better gear, yet giving rise to some minor problems.

The higher goal is to reach five hundred forty defense skill or six hundred ninety defense rating on your gear. This was the uncrittable defense cap for raids. Since you get better gear, you can stop worry about gems and enchants for defense rating and obtain things such as stamina, avoidance and armor.

Druids and those who group with them are often affected. Now the Cataclysm talent has changed. Blizzard slid into the upcoming beta just to scare data miners, it is worth watching Wrath’s development during its beta. Cataclysm talent changes cannot be publicly available. New feral talent changes suddenly appeared beyond many people’s expectation.

Except for the new stuff, the existing feral talents are mostly unchanged, though a few have been moved around and some removed. Yet it is still unclear if Blizzard’s simply added the new talents and has not gotten to the point where completely changed the old ones, or if they are satisfied with feral working well.

There are more about the Cataclysm talent information. We can only see one feral change in the Cataclysm alpha talents: They have nixed the energy return component of Primal Precision. Apart from that, the talent tree was exactly what you would see today. Endless Carnage is a new second tier talent increasing the duration of Rake by six seconds and Savage Roar by eight seconds. Useless for bears, but a huge boon for cats that echoes a few of the Wrath tier set bonuses which made the rotation more forgiving. Improved Feral Charge is a new third tier talent. The damage caused by your next three attacks was increased by five to ten percent in Bear Form after you use Feral Charge. And Ravage will temporarily not require stealth for three or six sec after you use Feral Charge.