Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

Let’s share something about the experience of playing a rogue and look at the difference from every other class. There is a sea of forum articles concerning Cataclysm and after paying a close attention you would notice an interesting trend. It seems that everyone would like to claim that they know their class the best since they think they have plenty of experiences in playing their character from the very beginning. However, the length of your playing time has little to do with the knowledge especially when considering that most classes are dissimilar to their original forms. Hybrids are currently able to tank and do damage. Furthermore, many classes have more than one viable tree for both PvE and PvP. Even the basic play mode was almost totally changed, with Blizzard moving increasingly more classes to the reactive model of DPS rather than the fixed rotation of previous years.

I am fully convinced that rogues have changed the least over the past expansions, while compared to any other class. Our basic play style, however, remains unchanged, and the big part of the new abilities and deep talents were cooldowns or trick attacks. Mutilate and Envenom were the only two new abilities that we had added to the rotation repertoire. Assassination’s fifty-point talent was so bland that Ghost crawler confirmed that it was being yanked in Cataclysm. Some players did not choose a rogue at the right beginning. Instead they preferred class like paladin or something. However, after they made some mistakes they turned to a rogue. They loved the rogue immediately after their new choice.