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Restart from a New Character
Among the hard thing for any role player is the awareness of when the story is finished. The tale had been told, the game was already over, and it is time moving forward. Perhaps you were just bored of the character, or probably you had obtained ultimate power, met again with your lover, figured out the secret of the death of your father, and had many kids. In a word, you had already come to the stage to continue.

Nevertheless not all role play styles encourage a character to end. When you were in a troupe who practices immersion role play, remember to use your character as an escapist release. And then you probably do not need to leave your character. For the above reason, it is safe to say that WOW tends to discourage rerolling. It is very common for you to find more levels, more gear and more adventures. If you were a raider, then your character probably plays an important role in your guild’s raid composition, which means you would have good reasons not to drop your character story.

However according to pure role play, you had better put down the character. When you come to the extent where you input so much affection in the character that you even lose sleep or that your health is negatively influenced, you should think about starting from a new character. If you had trouble getting new story ideas and new directions, maybe you should seek some help from others. Generally, if you could not manage to restart from any new character, you may need to mix things up. Then what you need is some grace and planning. For those who are a member of an organized guild or raid, have a talk with the team leader.

wow41 Restart from a New Character

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