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The wow is always expanding. In the game you can get many quests to accomplish, you can combat various bosses and you can receive items from your victory. If you learn the history of the story behind the game, you will definitely do much better in your game play. It is safe to say that Thunderaan, prince of the air, was not just a bag of hot air, serving under Al’Akir. The Wind lord was more than just masters of wind and gale. Thunderaan is so powerful that it is able to take Ragnaros and his two lieutenants Geddon and Garr to subdue and nearly destroy him. And while each of the other elemental lords counts Al’Akir as the weakest among them, the lord of the air can counter through pointing out that they rarely if ever can lay an aggressive hand to him secure in his fortress of the Skywall.

However it was not just elemental lords and princes that boast affiliation with the element of air. Other warriors who were leveled in classic WoW were probably able to regale you with tales of the Cyclonian, and air elementals are able to be found on the rampage in Silithus. Air elementals are inclined to disdain rather than directly antagonize their fellows, preventing themselves from reprisal. Al’Akir got either respect or hatred at the same time. Ragnaros and Neptulon are likely to spend much time plotting against each other and fighting on or over Therazane’s element, melting it into lava or eroding it into silt. On the other hand Al’Akir would erode earth to dust once in a while. But others seem not to be interested in it.

Never before has the elementals of Azeroth undergone such a serious cataclysm since the days of the Sundering. What is more, they have already been locked away by the titans in the elemental plane, while those of Draenor endured the destruction of their very world within the past two decades. When fire, water and earth are thrown into confusion and turmoil by a cataclysm of some kind, Al’Akir and his host may have the luxury of striking fully at enemies. So, there is no need to worry about pesky mortals interfering with their action.

wow7 Huge Cataclysm on Azeroth

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