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There is a lot of fun by joining a bachelor party in wow. What can you expect in a party? Usually players who are good at doing role play can invite their friends hold a bachelor party in Azeroth.
Yes it is not uncommon for you to find people get married, and there surely are marital traditions. However, at the same time, there is no denying that people who are still single can really do something for fun. When a character gets married, it is time for a bachelor party. How can you role play through it? There have always been many different traditions for different races.
However it was held that the bachelor or bachelorette parties were fairly universal.

In general, most of the bachelor parties would intimately involve alcohol, there do is few without spying at least a single beer. Often it is recommended not to drink and play WoW at the same time. The reason lies in the fact that it can cause all kinds of embarrassing situations. Nevertheless, the characters will surely be inclined to knock back a few drinks. In fact, most characters would like to have just as much fun getting a buddy rip-roaring drunk as we have in real life. As to the location, Dalaran may be a quite good celebration location, whereas Lord Marrowgar isn’t really the place to throw back and have a party. Of course there are also some other places that you can choose, like the old world capitals.

Enough attention should be paid to the details of the party. However, in role play, you can see someone who can help reinforce immersion. You had better group with someone who can give you necessary help during the socializing. Get someone in your group to agree ahead of time to be “that guy.” Perhaps you should spell out exactly what antics he will use to bring this touch of realism, thus people would not hold the behavior against the player instead of the character. However, if you are able to handle the challenge, show your power and beat your enemy.

wow71 Hold Party for Bachelors

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