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Just like other shadow priests, Fox Van Allen belongs to a resilient category. You can only find very few drawbacks on him. For example, he may accidentally drop Shadow form by casting a holy spell or the silver arrow from the far upper left room in level nine. By contrast, Dawn Moore’s flaws include scratchy sweaters, Shadow fiend bites, and the nasty case of the sniffles she gets when the thermostat dips under sixty-seven.

That was a cold day when the respawn timer ticked, giving rise to the most elite shadow priest. Those who had experiences leveling from one to eighty undoubtedly have some complicated feelings about the earliest, most formative years of the shadow priest. The above procedure actually can be repeated. The wow is revitalizing the leveling process in its latest version, which is definitely good news. They’re giving us Shadow Orbs and refurbishing our talent tree to make shadow priests feel more like shadow priests. This is really a change that is worthy of being looking forward to.

wow13 Change of Shadow Priest

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However, if you did not start a new priest in the last few months, you may have missed some of the more recent changes to the leveling process. It is safe to say that this is the best time to start a priest. There will be a long way to go. You had better pay a close attention to equipment with bonuses to spell power, hit, intellect, or stamina. Avoid stats such as strength and agility, as you clearly do not need them. If the green item that drops doesn’t work for you, sell it on the auction house for some money and then buy better items. For many players, a new priest will be an alt, bringing you advantages if you have the Emblems of Triumph to spend.