Perfect Assessment of Class Balance

Many gamers on the PTR pointed out the problem of class balance. There are absolutely right there. However, players many of the predicted problems are never materialized. For example, the feedback from the PTRs is useful, but it cannot be predicted to lead to a perfect assessment. What is more, the team will not accept everything at face value. Players that post concisely, objectively and provide huge amount of verifiable evidence of their claims tend to provide the most useful information, and the sort of feedback the team would like to heed.

As the When the problems of class balance are raised, the team discussed them and are doing some tests, and decide whether a change is warranted or not. Under the above circumstance, the concerns raised about Raging Blow burst damage need a lot of cooldowns and stacked mastery to get going, and even then enrage can be removed by several classes, which did not be changed it at the time since the nerf Fury’s PvE damage should not be overstated.