AoE power of damage-dealing specs

Balancing the AoE power of the different damage-dealing specs always catches the attention of the design team. It is expected that some changes will made throughout the testing process. While the team wants to make fewer balance changes in patch 4.1, there are still quite a few updates available. The changes don’t encompass the entirety of the 4.1 changes, nor do the initial Public Test Realm patch notes. Two specs spend most of their Holy Power on damage-dealing abilities, with occasional healing.
A replacement-ability was added to warriors at level 83: Rallying Cry. Inner Rage is now available at level 56. It was intended to solve an excess rage problem that largely isn’t affecting warriors anymore. Colossus Smash now ignores 70% of an opponent’s armor, down from 100%. Fury and Arms warriors can be compensated by increasing the damage of other attacks. Retribution and Protection paladins will be given reasonable healing on themselves or others, though paladins sometimes may not use their Holy Power on anything but their heals in some situations.