Hotfix Changes in Patch 4.0.6

There are hotfixes immediately followed by a patch, which is not something new. The hotfixes can play a big part in Cataclysm, including Battlegrounds, Dungeons & Raids, Death knight, Paladin, Priest, Warrior, etc. In those new community sites, hotfix changes usually take the place of front page news through the blogs, which can bring some important information to you. Prior to throwing out pretty much the same amount of hotfixes, the team did work to improve the patch 4.0.6. Difference being we didn’t have a great way to tell anyone about them. So now hotfixes are very visible and it makes it seem like we’re going crazy with them, when really it’s just increased transparency into the changes we’re making.
There is huge amount of latest information about the patches, and the balance changes made by the designers took into account their own play experience. Besides, the experience from players is among the main reason for making balance changes. Usually the balance feedback goes along with crash reports, bug reports, and so on. All of them involve a test environment with people actively playing helps us catch a great number of issues. And the bug reports posted are also very helpful and worth reading.