Melee Mobility for Warriors

Warriors are always on move. So do the Arms warriors. Actually they are so mobile that kiting cannot be used against them, and their uptime was very high as a result. As a matter of fact, you can get to a place where melee generally just had too much up-time on casters, especially healers. Conditions were prompting a move toward more instant cast spells and casting on the move, if you are willing to take PvP back to a place where cast time spells could still have a place on the battlefield. The technique may introduce more choices in PvP both for the casters and melee as to what abilities to use, when to close the gap, when to make space, what to interrupt, etc.
Instead of offering casters yet more tools to generate breathing space and perpetuate that arms race, it made sense to take a second look at melee mobility instead. Focusing your attention on the target is important. However, it is totally nonsense to allow close to 100% up time either. Without high up-time warriors may not bring as much to an Arena or Rated Battleground team. Consequently, new utility will be added in a future patch to solve this problem.