More Ferals Utility for Players

Although much of attention was given to max level, lower levels are worth being tuned. It is a legitimate concern. The new bear AE rotation is a high level spell, which was based around Thrash. It works at high level, but without Thrash there is a lot of down time and it can be hard to AE tank. Because lower level dungeons would not get balance on a razor’s edge, AE’ing is the norm, which can feel bad for lower level druids which needs solve.
Feral PvP is difficult to control and have a lot of utility. Players wanted more utility so that they could actually be a valuable member of their team. As a result, the team gave Ferals a lot of utility they used not to have. However, in turn they should be made easier to control. There are a few different ways the team has gone on this and that some players would no doubt have preferred to keep the iconic ability to not be crowd controlled instead of gaining things like an interrupt and better crowd control of their own.