NPC Equalization in Cataclysm

In Cataclysm, there are two ways to accumulate wealth. One is to collect sets of epic gear and the other is to make a few quick coins in the auction house. In spite of the styles of play you prefer, you should be armed with tools and knowledge you need to protect yourself against account compromise. To achieve this goal, you may want to follow some tips and suggestions. Because the team encourages account security awareness for quite a while now, you may have leant something. The team try to be sure that as many players as possible have secure accounts, which is one of the main concerns of many.
Some work has been doing on the NPC equalization in the next major patch to ensure each capital city has the same trade skill. There is no plan to extend the dailies and portals in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to the other cities. They were specifically chosen as the main capital hubs for Cataclysm. At the same time, new and redesigned areas for the dailies and portal hub will be used on some expansions of the main cities in Cataclysm.