Kezan-starting point of Goblin

Before you begin questing it’s good to note that Goblins come standard with a few racial abilities including;

Best Deals Anywhere (best possible gold discounts regardless of reputation)

Better Living Through Chemistry (Alchemy skill increased by 15)

Rocket Barrage (Launches belt rockets at an enemy causing fire damage)

Rocket Jump (Activates rocket belt to jump forward)

Time is Money  (1% increase to attack and casting speed)

You pick your class,physical appearance and name. And then I beliece you’re ready for it!  the first place you see is Kezan, more precisely, KTC  Headquarters  in Kezan. Your Executive Assistant: Sassy Hardwrench. where before you stand is a pretty little Goblin named Sassy Hardwrench, who will provide you with your first quest; “Taking Care of Business“. You’ll find out quickly that when Goblins say take care of business they obviously mean it. Sassy wants you to overthrow Trade Prince Gallywix, but in order to get a promotion you must first prove yourself by doing quite a few tasks.

Try to begin your adventure as a Goblin.  it will be lot of fun.