Wow is under challenge

Why I say that? cause yeah, WOW is really under challenge and its circumstance is really dangerous.
lot’s of new games are released, and all of them are very good. although there are not enough games that can be wonderful as WOW, they have their strenth. most of games recently released are more potential to be free of charge. not to mention others, let’s take Age of Empire Online as an example, this game is released yesterday. and it’s seriously very attractive.
As we know, Age of Empire series was PC version. They are quite interesting and playable. Such a game is free of charge, we can see its potential easily. Anyway, we won’t play a game that’s qually good but charged as another game. Surely, Age of Empire Online is not as good as WOW, but let’s imagine in the future, what if we have a such game. which one will you choose, I guess and bet you will choose the other one but not WOW.