10 Computer hot issues

10 Computer hot issues: Most of the computer users complain topped slow


  • Slow computer boot

Many software does not actually need to run each boot, according to the situation will not be used to run the software automatically shut down, you can speed up Windows startup speed.

  • Computer is very slow to open web pages

Will temporarily unused networking software (such as downloading tool, players, etc.) to exit, to see whether the improvement in speed. If you still find it does not meet the actual network speed, can be Trojans killing, plugin cleanup will not often use IE plug disabled.

  • How to optimize your computer

The most commonly used is to first optimize boot loading speed (Step Reference Answers 1), and then clean the disk junk files; if the C disk space available is too small, it will lead to the available virtual memory is too small, which can seriously affect performance.

Garbage and then clean the disk for the Windows slimming, remove almost never use Windows files will be significantly improved.

  • Slow appeared in the process of computer operation, the state of suspended animation

There are many possible causes of this phenomenon, but also need to specifically address the specific circumstances. Generally speaking simultaneously on the computer software that runs more, likely to occur. You can check the lower right corner of the Windows taskbar and tray bar to see if the software running at the same time too, temporarily quit the procedures used, such as downloading tool player.

  • Computer Blue Screen

This is more complex faults may be a software conflict, it could be a hardware failure. First try to rule out software failure, blue screen when checking in at the same time not run software that will potentially conflicting software uninstall or close one. Recommend general users to use less beta software, unstable version may increase the probability of the blue screen, if not a software problem led to the need to find the hardware vendor maintenance.

  • Often disconnected network

Cause dropped network connection also more likely to be a line problem, NIC, network moden unstable performance, or viral causes. Approach: Check the network cable connection is reliable, the network indicator is flashing normally moden summer heat strengthening, if necessary, restart the network router.

  • Black computer will restart automatically after

Restart the computer constantly, to consider the possibility of hardware failure is large, including improper cooling, the board is bad, the main components of the computer power supply instability and the possibility of damage.

  • After repeated anti-virus computer virus is not clean or clear

If there are loopholes in Windows without patching, greater likelihood of repeated poisoning. If the antivirus software is only found in some samples, there will be repeated antivirus. Solution: Try running quickly killing the live virus, restart your computer and try again quick killing, if not alarm, which means that effective killing.

  • Computer temperature is too high, a lot of noise

Computer use for some time, the chassis has accumulated a lot of dust covering the CPU fan and power supply fan will produce noise. Open the case, with a small brush cleaning dust. Will reduce the noise, and is improve heat dissipation. If the CPU fan dirty to the unable to cleaning, you can purchase a new fan substitution. Clean the cabinet avoid excessive force, do not wash.

  • USB jack failure

USB is the most commonly used external device interface, a computer usually has four or more USB port (laptop less) an interface failure, you can change to a different USB port.