Saints Row Ⅳ intro

Saints Row Ⅳ intro

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Genres                        Game modes                      Languages

- Action                                     – Single-player                                       – English

- Adventure                             – Co-Op                                                      - French

Compatibility                    – Full controller support                   – Italian

- Windows 7                      Developer / publisher                     - German

- Windows Vista                    - Deep Silver



Recommended configuration

OS:Windows 7/Window 8

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 (4 * 2500 MHz) or AMD Phenom 9850 (4 * 2500 MHz)

Memory: 4GB or more

Video Card:Radeon HD 5850 or  GeForce GTX 260 GTSH

Hard Drive Space:At least 10GB


About the game


Saints Row plot

Five years after the eventsof the “Save Shaundi” ending in Saints Row: The Third, the leader of the Third Street Saints is elected President of the United States. It’s not long before an alien invasion occurs and the Protagonist and the Saints are kidnapped by aliens known as the Zin and their leader Zinyak, The Player is transported to a virtual version of Steelport where The Player can use super powers to fight against the Zin empire.



Main Characters

p.aspx?u=v20 p13 photo 1308051618161735 0 Saints Row Ⅳ introFrom Saints Row 2 onwards, The Protagonist can be customised to be male or female.For simplicity, this wiki uses either gender-neutral or masculine pronouns unless specifically describing a female voice or character.The Protagonist is the player character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. The Saints Row series largely concerns The Protagonist’s adventures as a 3rd Street Saints gang member, starting as an initiate to the gang, second-in-command, and finally leader. Throughout this journey, The Protagonist takes the 3rd Street Saints from a small-time gang from the Row to a “household brand name” in Stilwater and then Steelport. During the events of Saints Row IV, The Protagonist becomes President of the United States, with the Saints going from a criminal organization to a legitimate political party.




p.aspx?u=v20 p13 photo 1308051621055466 0 Saints Row Ⅳ introPierce joined the Saints after The Protagonist convinced him by killing some Ronin members. The Protagonist assigned him specifically to collect as much information as he could on the dangerous Ronin.

Afterwards, Pierce tells The Protagonist and Gat about the Poseidon’s Palace Casino, in which the Ronin have stakes. After successfully robbing the casino – even though they didn’t go along with Pierce’s complicated plan – Pierce, Johnny, and The Protagonist agree that the money they robbed needs to be cleaned, so The Protagonist goes to purchase weapons and cars to sell to a fence.


p.aspx?u=v20 p13 photo 1308051622528787 0 Saints Row Ⅳ introIn Saints Row 2, Shaundi had a Wings 1 lower back tattoo and a star tattoo on her hand, sometime between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi had the lower back tattoo removed because it is no longer there, though the star one is still on her hand. The faint outline of the Wings 1 tattoo can still be seen.In Saints Row 2, she wears “Women’s Camisole 4″.

In Saints Row: The Third, she wears purple skin-tight pants that lower slightly in the front. She also wears a tight purple crop top that exposes her midriff. She has a leather jacket and tattoos around her waist.


p.aspx?u=v20 p13 photo 1308051623209222 0 Saints Row Ⅳ introJohnny Gat was an inhabitant of the Saint’s Row district of Stilwater. Realizing that the district was being torn apart by gang wars, he volunteered to join the 3rd Street Saints, a gang aiming to end these wars. Gat was assigned to plot the downfall of the Vice Kings, one of the warring gangs in Stilwater. In doing so, he was aided by The Protagonist.





The White House is Gone. The World is in Danger. The Saints are on the Job.
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Invading alien forces, led by the Supreme Overlord of the Zin Empire, Zinyak, descend on the rubble of the former White House. Attacks in other major cities continue as the death toll climbs into the thousands and Earth struggles to mount a counterattack.




Blast                                                                  Telekinesis

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Maximize your brain’s true potential!                                      Hit them with your best shot!


Super Sprint                                                     Buff

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Break the sound barrier on foot!                                           Turn yourself into your own weapon!


Storm                                                                                  Force Field

p.aspx?u=v20 p13 photo 1308051628053940 0 Saints Row Ⅳ intro                p.aspx?u=v20 p13 photo 1308051628373129 0 Saints Row Ⅳ intro

Make your enemies tremble before you!                               Make your enemies tremble before you!



All you need now is a cape!


Leap tall buildings, outrun sports cars, set your enemies on fire and fling them throughout the city—all with the power of your mind! By exploiting errant code in the simulation, you will learn to break its rules, giving you powers like you’ve only imagined.




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