The game of Wow is always changing. You can often find new talents added in it and others got rid of from it. For example, Chakra has recently been put into use. However, the new talents have not completely been completed yet. Those out-dated talents are being removed one after another. A good example for talent still exiting is Meditation for priests whereas Searing Light has been deserted.

For Priests, now they can get extra protection from Barrier which can help absorb approximately 293.25 damages received by a party or raid members. What is more, with the barrier, spellcasting can be continuous without interruption by damage. The barrier lasts for 15 seconds or until it absorbs 1955 damage. The critical healing effect can be increased by 1% in chance for each DOT on your target. For Prayer of Healing, you can use it three times then you can get to Chakra state that lasts twenty seconds. Prayers of Healing can enhance the AOE healing while cutting the cooldown of Circle of Healing. There are also some changes about your Renew spell (an increase from three to fifteen percent), Heal spell (from one to five percent). In general the healing for priests became better than ever before. For Druids, healing from Rejuvenation was increased by two percent, direct damage done by Moonfire three percent, and damage caused by Claw and Mangle two percent. For Shamans, if Shock spell was cast, the next heal’s mana cost would be cut by fifteen percent and the healing effectiveness going up by five percent.

However, you should remember that all this changes are still not finally completed, so you can only wait and see what will actually happen in the near future.